Carpet Cleaning Tricks for Apartments in Hattiesburg Ms

Hattiesburg Ms

Whenever we decide to clean our apartments in Hattiesburg MS during the holidays or over the weekends some of us are never satisfied unless the floor is cleaned. Whether you have a wooden flooring, or marbles or even carpet, unless these entities are cleaned, we are not satisfied.

Cleaning wooden flooring or marble is not difficult as that of the carpet. Carpets give an apartment a completely need look, but at the same time, they are most difficult to be handled. If you have kids and pets at home, the task becomes all the more tedious.

Seeking for professionals is not possible throughout the year. These services are expensive.  Many of the carpet cleaners use toxic cleaning substance which is harmful to the house inmates and also reduced the carpet life. But that does not mean you wrap up the carpets and keep them aside. These guidelines for carpet care taking have been listed to make our lives easier.

Carpet cleaning has been divided into two parts-

  • Spot and stain removal
  • The whole carpet cleaning

Spot removal is common to those apartments in Hattiesburg MS which has kids, toddlers, pets and careless adults. Dropping food and liquid is the most common scenario, and this is when you have to remove the tough stains.

There are times when just walking over the carpets makes the carpet dirty and you need to clean the whole carpet to ensure a fresh, clean carpet.

Making DIY mixtures from these listed ingredients help you clean the carpet of stains and dust and even smell.

White vinegar is a magic ingredient. Not only for carpet cleaning but also for wooden floorings, kitchen, and washroom tiles.

Lemon juice is acidic in nature. It is great for cleaning carpets. The fresh lime smells also gives the room a fresh, clean feeling.

Baking soda mixed with white vinegar or even lemon juice can be used to clean spots on the carpets. If you have some extra mixture of this left after carpet cleaning use it to clean your oven.

Sodium borate removes carpet stains in seconds. Its strength can be used for clothes cleaning also.

Hydrogen peroxide is not only for getting rid of foot tan but also stain removing.

Make a DIY mixture of these substances mentioned above. Spray it on the stains or whole carpet. Let is get absorbed and see how clean and fresh the carpet and your apartment looks.