Zoning questions surrounding proposed apartment complex in Ocean Springs

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) – Plans to build an 18-building apartment complex in Ocean Springs are tabled for now after an issue with past zoning was discovered.

The Thrash Group, based in Hattiesburg, requested approval from the Planning Commission to build a 152 unit, 18 building apartment complex at Deana and Groveland roads. That was scheduled for a vote at Tuesday night’s meeting, but it never made it that far. The commission discovered an issue with past zoning.

The property was initially zoned I1, for industrial use. But in 2007 the city voted to allow a change to residential use for a town home development with a revision that if no development happened in two years the property would revert back to I1.

Once the recession hit in 2008, the town home plans fell through. The city never met again to execute the revision.

Commissioners recommended to approve the original revision and revert the property back to I1 Tuesday. Residents at the meeting were relieved with the outcome.

“I’d rather have a concrete plant in my backyard than a multi-family apartment complex that’s three stories high looking down on my backyard or people’s front yards and dropping the value of my home, which is going to happen," said Shawn Dickinson.

The Board of Aldermen will now vote on the Planning Commission’s recommendation. If approved, the area would need to be rezoned for a multi-family development. If that happens, the public will get a chance to voice their concerns.

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